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Blake's 7 Icons
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It Isn't Marked 'Entrance.'

Icons of Blake's 7, including the eponymous seven and any rebels, villains, mercenaries, mad geniuses, aliens, uppity computers, spaceships, shiny lucite gadgets, bug-eyed monsters, sets that wobble, & cheesy special effects pertaining there unto.

Miscellaneous graphics such as colour bars and mood icons are also welcome, if you're feeling particularly ambitious.

The rules are quite simple:

  1. Hotlinking = Bad.

  2. More than three icons? Super! Put the rest under a cut tag, though, for the sake of the poor people on dial-up.

  3. Respect the icon maker's wishes with regards to crediting & modification - it helps other people find out where you got that superfantastik icon, and generally improves your karma.

Also keep in mind that comments keep artists happy, and encourage them to make more, and really, what could be better than that?

Whole-assed attempts at icons are preferable to half-assed, though we know not everyone has a glitzy graphics program. If you want creative feedback or suggestions, we'd be pleased as punch to give it. We want you to be proud of what you've made.

Resources for the resourceless are avaliable for those who need a bit of help getting started. And if you're starved for icon ideas, we've got something for that too.

All icons are archived according to tag, and members are encouraged to tag their entry appropriately (especially if it's shippy, because your moderator can be a bit dense at times).

Now! Go forth, and show off the wonderous, campy beauty that is Blake's 7. You know you want to.

Your mod for this evening is chronographia.

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